The Great Arrival

We flew out from Heathrow one cold April day or at least it was our version of cold at the time.

Despite having already shipped a truckload of stuff, we seemed to still have an enormous number of cases and bags and more bags with us. And let’s not forget the double buggy and the WH Smith bags of magazines and other flight survival tools.

So when we got to Oslo Central Station to hail a taxi, all taxis were giving us a very wide berth.  We had managed to get a local Hounslow taxi to the airport in London  in an estate car. The kids were on our laps with the sage advice from the driver to “hold them tight”.  No problem at all, we were well used to this.

But Oslo was a different ballgame. It is against the law to have a child in a motor vehicle without a proper car seat and of course nobody ignores this. Comforting surely but also a brave new world of “we are a bit stuck then” at that point.

So eventually and after a small eternity, we found an English speaking taxi driver who put a call in to central office to enquire about how this frozen family could be transported. And soon the taxi rank was lit up by the arrival of a 12 seater minibus, including age-appropriate car seats. On the side of the bus it said “Karaoketaxi” which added some excitement and possibility. We were sorted.  Four frozen people piled in to the party bus to be taken to their new home.

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