About me

So I am female, in my mid-forties, Irish, lived for many years in London, and am married to a wonderful German man.  And I am not just saying that, he is.  I have 2 young kids and have lived in Norway since April 2013.

We moved to Norway with no connections and no family here.  I left behind a successful corporate career in the UK. We were lucky enough or nuts enough to willingly do the hedonistic thing and jump off what had become the hamster wheel of stress and long-hours and chasing family time. My husband had a new job here. Midlife is a good time for change, right?

This is a blog about my recollections, ramblings , discoveries and my waving at my comfort zone from a very respectable distance. It’s a blog about life here in Oslo. This is also about 2 big people and 2 little people moving from the familiar and comfortable to a state of total cluelessness and climbing back from there.

I am writing this in answer to all the requests I get from friends and family about what it is like here, how it’s going with the kids, how cold are you really and so on.

I am also writing this to keep me company, as an outlet for those funny experiences I have every day that make me guffaw or just laugh or articulately say What the …!? My husband and kids started to glaze over some time back so I reckon I need to find at least one other person to listen to me. Somebody… anybody…?



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